About Us

As One is not just the name of our firm but the way that we think consulting should be done

Why As One

Anyone who has experienced the top down, C-Suite driven approach of the big firms knows how disruptive that process can be. And while some gains can be had in that manner, they are often short lived and come at a great cost to the performance and morale of all those involved

As One was created because we feel there is a better way. Results are the primary justification for consulting projects, but clients shouldn’t have to sacrifice their people to get those results

As One consultants combine years of industry experience with interpersonal & change management expertise. This combination allows our consultants to do things often missing from big firm approaches:

  • Formulate pragmatic, tailored, and achievable solutions that will deliver results while getting buy-in from site management and the workforce
  • Partner with clients at every level of their organization to deliver the business case and ensure the changes stick long after the consultants walk out the door

And our values are not just a piece of paper to stick on the wall. Collaboration, Humility, and a Results Focus are behaviors that As One consultants live each, and every day


Our Leadership Team

Jason Erny

Managing Partner

With over 15 years’ experience in Operational Consulting, Jason is a Managing Partner with As One and leads the Administrative function…

Chris Gregory

SVP, CPG & Manufacturing

Chris brings over 20 years of management consulting experience specializing in business performance management, process improvement…

John Pocock

SVP Canada

John Pocock has almost 20 years of operations experience in both industry and consulting.  As Senior Vice President, Natural Resources…

Eric Parlin

Director of Operations

Eric Parlin has dedicated over 20 years to Operational Consulting. As Director of Operations at As One Consulting, Eric collaborates with clients…

Jim Armstrong

Director of Operations

Jim Armstrong has over 25 years of experience in consulting and industrial management. As Operations Director at As-One Consulting, Jim oversees…

Eldeen Pozniak, CRSP

VP Health & Safety

Eldeen Pozniak has over three decades of expertise in Occupational Health and Safety. She is known for her collaborative approach, strategic direction and…

Mauricio Vega

Managing Director, LATAM

Mauricio specializes in strategic execution, business administration, and business development.  As Managing Director, LATAM, Mauricio leads…

Mark Hampel


Mark is an industry veteran with 20 years of Operational Consulting experience.  As a founding member of As One Consulting, Mark has stepped away…