Digital Enablement & Performance Management


Digital technology is changing the way that businesses operate and organizations that can properly harness the right mix will be rewarded.  However, just focusing on the technology rather than its usage by their people in the field is a common trap we see our clients fall into.  Our view is that technology enablement is using a tool to produce an outcome, while digital enablement is less about the application of technology, and more about choosing the right technology to sustainably elevate and advance a workforce.

As One’s approach is software agnostic and we focus on understanding what technologies are needed, how the workforce interacts with current technologies, and how we can support the organization to future succes.  Many times this involves process standardization, execution of a digital roadmap, and ultimately coaching the organization through the adoption.

What We Bring To The Table

Field Technology Usage Assessment

CMMS Usage Assessment

Digital Roadmap

Process Standardization

Advanced Analytics

Organizational Coaching

Management System Implementation

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