Operational Readiness


As healthy businesses continue to grow, they are often required to add new operating facilities or expand existing ones.  Many executives will focus their efforts entirely on the execution of the capital project and overlook the operational readiness activities.  This oversight can cause delays to production and increased costs as the organization stumbles through trying to adapt to the new operating environment.  As One consultants have the experience and capabilities to support our clients in preparing for and navigating through the startup process.

What We Bring To The Table

Forecasting & Capacity Modeling

Integrated Planning

Risk Identification & Mitigation

Plant/Mill Debottlenecking

Procedure Development

Organizational Design

Roles & Responsibilities Development

Management System Design

Training & Development

Project Governance & Management

Consumer Packaged Goods

Building Capability Through the Development of Management Systems

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Potash Mine
Capital Project Management

Best Practices + Ops Readiness Jumps Revenue By $35M

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Digital Enablement & Performance Management

Operational Transformation: As One Delivers Sustainable Maintenance Performance

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