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Consumer Packaged Goods companies are met with volatility of every shape and size.  Companies are forced to act and react to the constant shifting of the sector’s landscape.  The pivot point of most of these changes’ forces the Supply Chain to adapt and maintain control on quality, volume, and cost.   The sector has also been challenged with an environment of new or inexperienced supervision.  In a lot of cases, today’s supervisors are yesterday’s good operators.  We must develop structure and routines to help our front-line leaders be effective.  As One helps organizations develop that structure and coach front-line leaders to be great leaders of people, process and operational performance.

As One consultants bring a deep and broad experience in the Supply Chain side of Consumer Packaged Goods.  Our approach is focused on maximizing conversion cost through the network.  Our shopfloor approach leverages technical solutions, process integrity, management systems and people development.  Results delivery is at the forefront of our delivery model.  Service level, Yield Management, Labor Management, and Capacity Optimization are some of the prime results areas.  We focus on helping organizations work through ongoing disruption and volatility.

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What We Bring To The Table

Production Efficiency

Yield and Materials Management

Sanitation and Changeover Execution

Production Scheduling

Supervisor Capabilities

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Management Operating Systems

Maintenance and Asset Care

Centerline and Operating Envelope

Consumer Packaged Goods

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