The mining industry continues to experience business, regulatory, and economic challenges around the globe. Surging economic growth rates in emerging economies and a low cost of capital fueled a super cycle that is unlikely to return in the near future.

Natural resource extraction requires a sharp focus on efficiency and costs to remain competitive in the face of lower commodities prices, global technological change, and stricter regulatory constraints.

With over 20 years of mining and natural resources experience, As One Consulting supports your business’ operational and financial goals. We have completed projects across the world and have gained valuable experience through each of them.

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What We Bring To The Table

Minerals Processing Optimization

Increasing asset capability through operational discipline to operating standards, loss accounting management and process variability mitigation strategies.

Integrated + Digital Operations

Enhancing best practice business and work process capabilities through increased integration of business unit activities + connected worker applications.

Business Performance Management

Driving performance targets through cascading metrics and integrated management systems.

Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Integrity

Increasing equipment availability through data driven equipment strategies, CMMS/ERP Integration, and best practice Maintenance, Reliability and Work Management standards.

Safety and Environmental

Establishing a strong safety culture through improved FLRA's incident management, strategic risk assessments, communication and management systems.

Turnaround + Capex Performance

Reducing TA time and costs with stage gated management systems beginning from scope selection + evaluation of Capex/Opex activities to field management SIC's and contractor management strategies.

Ore Management Optimization

Maximizing mobile equipment operations using SMED philosophy for trucks, shovels, auxiliary equipment, stockpiling and conveyor feeds.

Operational Readiness

Providing process, system and organizational development, risk mgt & critical path planning/execution services for both green and brown field operations.

Supply Chain Integration

Driving higher performance through improved sourcing, procurement, inventory and transportation logistics.

Organization Effectiveness

Enabling organizations to do more with limited human talent, increasing both managerial and workplace capacity.
Digital Enablement & Performance Management

Injury Rate reduced by half due to increased Hazard Awareness

Client Profile: Canadian Potash Producer Services Provided Job Hazard Assessment & Risk Mitigation Incident Investigation…
Digital Enablement & Performance Management

Achieved 280% of Operational Cost Savings Target

Client Profile: Canadian Coal Producer Services Provided Fleet Rationalization Short Interval Controls Management System Implementation…
Capital Project Management

Ops Readiness increased client’s revenue by $35M annually above corporate stretch target

Client Profile:Canadian Potash Producer Services Provided Integrated Mine/Mill Planning Maintenance & Reliability Training & Development…

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