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As-One’s unique approach to operational consulting provides big firm results with a small firm feel.  Our goal is deliver such a unique, high quality experience that our clients want to hire us again. And we like to think its working because repeat business and referrals make up most of what we do.

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Natural resource extraction requires a sharp focus on efficiency and costs to remain competitive in the face of lower commodities prices, global technological change, and stricter regulatory constraints.

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Oil & Gas

Minimizing waste, bottle necks and inefficiencies will be critical to weather the immediate industry challenges and lower margins require greater operational efficiency and improved cost controls.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

With shifting consumer preferences, supply chain disruptions, and rising raw materials costs, CPG manufacturers are facing a multitude of challenges to operate at peak efficiency

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The Chemical industry is facing a number of challenges including the need for sustainable solutions, managing operational data, and scarcity of raw materials.

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Faster growth requires improved labor productivity as companies must get more efficiency from their staff and resources. Planning and scheduling will become even more important as drivers of efficiency as organizations strive to do more with their workforce and the increasing complexity of projects requires better coordination between primes, subs and suppliers.

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Manufacturing companies are having to navigate an increasingly complex world as the effects of digitization, reshoring, and volatile supply chains shape the decisions each company is facing.

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Typical Results


OEE Improvement


in Cost Savings


Incremental Margin Improvement

We don't like to brag so we'll let others do it for us

“I was pretty skeptical when this first started but I’m definitely a believer now. I understand why you say it’s a different experience.”

Mining CompanySVP

“I would never have believed we could achieve the results we did in the time that we did. We have since gone on to improve and sustain higher levels of availability.”

Oil & Gas CompanyCOO

“We achieved $1M in savings in the first two months alone and exceeded the project target by 20%. Fantastic results!”

Consumer Packaged Goods CompanyVP
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