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Manufacturing Case Study


  • Start up company with rapid growth lacking structure and basic management tools
  • Process that is new to the industry utilizing equipment that has never been used for this purpose before
  • New workforce with significant absenteeism and vacation with attraction and retention issues.
  • Inexperienced supervisors with little training and lacked understanding of the expectations of them were
  • Lack of consistent Engineering support.
  • Down time was accepted as an extension of the plant commissioning process, with little sense of urgency

Services Provided

  • Management Operating System
  • Training & Development
  • Short Interval Management
  • Centerlining
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Shop Floor Coaching
  • Visual Management
  • Skills Gap Assessment


  • Designed and Implemented Daily Direction Setting (DDS) with all members of plant management
  • Developed and implemented structured, regimented practices for Shift Turnover and Start Up
  • Standardized supervisor’s daily routine (Leader Standard Work) and monitored and coached adherence
  • Utilized Visual Management elements including a Hour By Hour Board, One Point Lessons, Job Responsibility Postings and 5S postings
  • Supervisors received daily on floor coaching from consultants in problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Identified optimal settings across all adjustment points of the line


  • Root Cause Analysis sessions spanning multiple plants and disciplines led to significant design enhancements, reducing downtime significantly
  • Increased safety awareness across the network
  • Plant wide understanding of daily plans goals and issues
  • Clear understanding and accountability to expectations of supervisors
  • Full time support of three engineers for troubleshooting and design enhancements
  • High visibility from Plant to Executive level of performance to plans, reasons for any variance and measures taken to address those variances

We now have a set of standard and consistent tools. I can see the organization starting to be more strategic in their thinking and not just firefighting"

- VP, Operations