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Manufacturing Case Study

Client Profile

Retail Spice Manufacturer.


  • Management Operating System
  • Training & Development
  • Centerlining
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Shop Floor Situational Coaching
  • Visual Management
  • Material Yield Optimization
  • Changeover Optimization


  • Low productivity resulting in $3M in lost sales monthly.
  • High levels of unplanned equipment downtime.
  • Insufficient supervisor and manager presence on the floor.
  • Unclear equipment run-standards, leading to reduced output.
  • Poor decision-making due to inadequate metrics and flawed system structure.
  • Ineffective problem-solving leading to recurrent failures.


  • Developed “Metrics that Matter” to focus efforts on improving plant profitability.
  • Installed shop floor visual management to promptly address variances at the source of loss.
  • Coached meeting behaviors to prompt actions addressing poor line performance.
  • Eliminated factory silos and aligned management with site imperatives towards common goals.
  • Conducted a deep clean and repaired “bad actors.”
  • Established clearly visible “run-right” settings on equipment to optimize product throughput.
  • Initiated Statistical Process Control and weight management on bottle fillers to minimize yield loss from overfill.
  • Created a process to escalate and resolve the root causes of systemic issues.
  • Implemented sustainability audits to maintain progress and facilitate continuous improvement.


  • Delivery targets are now consistently met, with zero lost sales opportunities.
  • Achieved a 20-point/43% improvement in line availability/uptime.
  • Yield savings are equivalent to 38,000 cases annually.
  • Improved changeover performance and efficiency.
  • Quicker start-ups and recoveries from downtime.
  • Overall enhanced focus and a performance-driven mindset among leadership.