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Client Profile: Canadian Potash Producer

Services Provided

  • Job Hazard Assessment & Risk Mitigation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Contractor Management
  • Supervisor Coaching
  • Leadership Field Safety Tours
  • Management System & Business Analytics


  • Leading potash producer was struggling with safety incidents and was looking for a more holistic approach to supplement their behavioral based safety program
  • With brown field expansions underway across three sites, large numbers of employees and contractors were hired, many of whom had limited experience in underground mining operations.
  • While historical safety records were good, a significant uptick in the recordable incident rate raised concerns with senior management as to the robustness and quality of their current safety management processes and systems.


  • Focus on identifying critical gaps in the important elements of the current safety program, addressing people, processes and management systems.
  • Development and implementation of safety tools & processes including checklists, hazard identification, risk assessment and mitigation, leading metrics and supporting management systems, coupled with intensive training and field coaching
  • One site had a large expansion program underway with over 1,000 contractor employees and a significant incident rate. Working closely with the management team, consistent field level risk assessment processes were developed and delivered as one-on-one training, significantly reducing the incident rate year over year.


  • At one site, TRIR reduced from 5.51 to 2.26 and site achieved 1 Million hours without a lost time
  • At another site TRIR reduced from 2.8 to 1.06
  • Another site achieved 2 Million hours without a lost time incident
  • Over 50% reduction in injury rates at the third site with a major contingent of contractors who had no injuries
  • No recordable or first aids in the last five months at one of the sites

We are making decisions more in a team format, following a structured process. It is evident there is significantly more of ‘we are running this place’ versus ‘this place is running us’ attitude."

- Safety Manager