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Client Profile: U.S. Energy Producer

Services Provided

  • Improved Planning & Scheduling
  • Short Interval Controls
  • Management System Implementation
  • Integrated Operations
  • Business Analytics


  • Refinery needed to develop a much more proactive approach to asset maintenance to reduce unexpected production interruptions
  • Maintenance costs comparatively high.
  • Organizational dissatisfaction with the existing maintenance management processes and high levels of mistrust and friction between maintenance and operations personnel.
  • Maintenance practices had been neglected over ownership change period and recognition that existing processes and tools needed improvement
  • Lack of visibility of performance metrics and mechanisms to drive accountability


  • Established standardized processes for work identification, prioritization, planning, scheduling, work execution and data capture
  • New metrics and data capture systems developed to provide timely performance for management
  • Upgraded maintenance management system was installed to improve cross functional planning, collaboration and performance management.
  • This resulted in improved organizational behaviors that significantly improved the effectiveness of the work management process.


  • Total annualized savings: $6.3M vs. a target of $4.7M.
  • Daily /Weekly planning and scheduling processes installed
  • Performance reviews and a cascading suite of metrics installed
  • Built more robust cross functional forums for maintenance and operations

We achieved far more than we ever hoped to achieve and couldn’t have done it without your help. Your team provided exactly the support we needed”

- President