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Client Profile: Canadian Telecom

Services Provided

  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Capacity vs. Demand Modeling
  • Management System Implementation
  • Contractor Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)


  • Hundreds of local fiber networks needed to be constructed over a five-year time interval and the client was already a year behind after the first two years
  • Three major stakeholders were involved in each network build – Client internal departments, Client project departments, construction contractors – with little visibility of work progress/completion between groups
  • Little understanding of lead times to complete work within groups so no way to understand overall lead time to complete each build
  • Resource plans based on annual capital budgeting cycle limiting next year’s plans until capital allocation is complete


  • Implemented a 6 Quarter rolling forecast that was not dependent on capital budgeting cycle. Forecast was formally reviewed every quarter by senior leadership
  • Calculated cycle times for each process step to form overall network build target to use for planning purposes. Created Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to ensure handoffs between groups were completed on time
  • Created tool to track the progress of each build within the 11 distinct departments that had to contribute. A formal review by department heads was instituted every two weeks to identify and resolve any issues that might delay a build.


  • Reduced E2E cycle time by 10% improving overall time to revenue
  • Developed a rolling 6-quarter risk adjusted program plan
  • Increased visibility of partner performance and contractual accountabilities through dashboards
  • Improved tactical planning accuracy from 60% to 98%.

You guys did great work. I’d happy to work with you guys again anytime”

- Senior Vice President